Thank you to all the folks who supported and encouraged me in this race for the Norfolk School Board! It was a hard fought and narrowly missed race, but the connections build with the community and new friends and neighbors were well worth the effort!

NATE KINNISON, for Norfolk School Board Ward 2

"I am the only school board candidate who successfully taught in two diverse public school systems for 17 years, owns a small business, and has all of my five children headed through Norfolk Public Schools.”

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My kids are my life, and I want to make sure they're in safe schools with great teachers. I've been a strong educational advocate in Norfolk for the better part of a decade, and I look forward to continuing with unwavering support of our great teachers - the backbone of a quality education for all children.

I'm a father of five kids, a veteran teacher, K-12 educational leader, outspoken advocate for teachers, and a passionate supporter of fine arts, vocational, career & technical education.

I'm also a proud graduate of Granby High School and a Kaufman Scholar of Old Dominion University. Norfolk is my lifelong family home. I received a fantastic, well-rounded education in Norfolk Public Schools. My wife, Candice, and I grew up and settled in Norfolk to raise our kids and be a part of this vibrant community.

As an educator myself, and Candice, as a pediatrician, we've dedicated our lives to the service of children and their families. We know that great schools can be a driving force behind our community. We know as homeowners in Norfolk, we need to make sure our tax dollars are spent to great and responsible effect in public education. And, we know that a parent's first concern is for the safety and well-being of their children.

Norfolk Public Schools needs a veteran teacher on the school board. A champion for teachers who understands the needs and challenges in the classroom from many years of first hand experience.

"Nate Kinnison, a current teacher is the person we need to lead us as we move forward to make our schools the very best they can be. It is time for someone to advocate for the teachers along with the parents and students and I feel Nate Kinnison is the right person for this opportunity and I urge you to support putting an experienced, remarkable teacher on the school board in Norfolk." Former Legislative Chair, Norfolk Council of PTAs