Louis Gabriel, Photographer

Louis, without a doubt, is my right hand man. With over 25 years of both film and digital wedding photography experience, he brings a traditional sense to our team as we document the beginning of our clients' families.

Louis is both my father-in-law and my photographic partner. He has 4 children of his own, and 9 grandchildren that he loves dearly; he's a true family-man in every sense of the word. His wisdom and sense of family often provides insight into what our clients need whether it be documenting the beginning of their own family, or the passing the torch from parents to their children getting married; Louie's sense of people and point of view is wonderfully unique allowing us to focus on the real needs and wants of our clients.

Medium format film was Louie's choice for many years; his Pentax 645s and Hasselblad cameras serving him well. He moved to digital capture back in 2005. He loves fun weddings, and he loves creating images and portraits of people to document the beginnings of a rich family history.

We look forward to hearing about your family and about documenting the very beginnings of it on your wedding day. Become one of our clients today, contact us using the link above.