Attracting & Retaining Good Teachers

Norfolk has lost too many good, experienced teachers because they didn’t feel valued and supported in their classrooms. We need to create a workplace where good teachers want to stay. How? Building a budget that doesn't FIRE good teachers in specialist positions, planning thoughtful and relevant professional development, hiring administrators that know how to work with people... Fully accredited schools are only possible through quality teachers in supportive school climates. 

School Safety

Teachers can’t teach and students can’t learn in a disruptive classroom. A strong and supportive school board will give teachers the confidence to teach in our schools. 

Vocational, Career, & Technical Education

Different Learners need different career pathways. Vocational, career, & technical education provides students with the technical skills to build satisfying careers in the local economy sooner after high school without large college debt. There are 3.5 million good paying jobs in our economy TODAY requiring this type of hands-on, skills based education.

Creating New & Better Relationships With Our Business Community

Norfolk's educational institutions, industry partners, retail, non-profits, and network of small business are a great asset. Building partnerships for greater employment opportunities, volunteer bases, and exposure to experiences some students never have helps create a positive social and educational network of opportunity. There is local talent in entrepreneurship and in the business community and the schools would benefit from building relationships and greater engagement. I am the person to bridge that gap. 

All Children Deserve a Strong School in a Strong Neighborhood

The City of Norfolk has a responsibility to connect students to the facilities and services they need for a great education. I am committed to the success of every school and the neighborhood it serves. 

Communication & Transparency

I absolutely support live streaming and recording of all school board meetings. I’m not disappearing after I’m elected either. I will be available to speak at civic league meetings, churches, and community gatherings, etc. to keep you updated and answer your questions. I will never shy away from a tough conversation, and I'll always listen to the stakeholders.